How can ai help websites?

Data-Driven Design AI website design uses data to improve the website. It collects information about website visitors and focuses on what they do. The data can be used to understand the behavior, preferences, and needs of users in order to adjust the website for a better user experience. In fact, 75% of companies that use chatbots on their website report an increase of at least 10% in customer satisfaction.

That's where AI helps semantic search: the search engine can figure out the intent and contextual meaning of the search query, which improves the accuracy of search results and, consequently, increases user satisfaction. And since nearly 26% (one in four) of adults in the United States live with a disability, ignoring website accessibility means that you're voluntarily preventing a large audience from using your website. Artificial intelligence is also able to help business owners make informed decisions about the state of their website and audience. As we know, AI is great at collecting data and analyzing numbers at a much faster rate than a person.

Thanks to this advantage, many companies use AI to improve the overall user experience by collecting data from consumers who visit a website or page and turning it into tangible information with a clear sense of direction and growth.