What websites do graphic designers use?

Top 11 Graphic Design Websites Freelance Upwork, Freelancer, com, Fiverr, 99designs, Toptal, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Dribbble. Active Theory uses a clear call to action, and is an invitation for the user to go and check their work. However, it's arguably not even necessary, as they tell you everything you want to know about them on their homepage, thanks to the fascinating animated experience they offer. But when it comes to showcasing its portfolio, Active Theory chooses a clean look for its projects.

Examples of their work are presented through a full-screen animation, overlaid with information and links about each project. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the website of the design agency Buzzworthy Studio helps them stand out from the crowd. When you arrive on your website, you are greeted with the message “We create extraordinary digital solutions that make people think: it's bold and it's out there. But blink and you'll miss it.

Because the Buzzworthy Studio website uses animated and interactive features that make the experience interesting and eye-catching. His bold message disappears after a couple of seconds to introduce us to his homepage. The studio ToyFight, based in Manchester (UK), will surprise you with its 3D animated images of the founders, which are used consistently throughout their website. On the homepage, you can't miss the distinctive bright yellow background, but the use of bright, solid colors as a background is a constant feature throughout the website.

As a graphic designer, your portfolio represents the best work you have available. As such, it should be set up beautifully, with design being the last thing you have to worry about. In less than 30 years, the web has changed everything in terms of connecting and empowering people. The following 10 websites will give you the best portfolio experience out of all the sites out there.

Squarespace is a website builder that really makes a difference. It allows you to fully customize your site while maintaining it to professional standards. It has elegant and responsive templates and also has a large number of Typekit fonts, as well as Google fonts to choose from. Only the selection of fonts makes it worthwhile.

Squarespace offers both a personal and a professional plan designed for businesses. It is a little more expensive than its competitors, but it is intended for professionals and is highly polished. This simple but effective portfolio site is a little different. It involves an application process to enter, so the work of the members is a little more quality.

There is a large community that is okay with this, and your work will look great on this site. Applying for and then receiving a Cargo membership gives you a free service that is pretty basic, and offers 12 projects and three pages. Unless your wallet is quite small, you'll want to upgrade it for greater access. The format has beautiful, dynamic and responsive themes, especially with its mobile option.

Format has a variety of pricing plans ranging from personal, giving you 100 images, to unlimited, with which you can guess how many images you allow there. However, if you're not sure what you want to do, you can always get a free trial, which will allow you to try a little bit of everything. The format is good for both those who are good with code and for those who avoid it like the plague, since you have the option of customizing the code or using built-in tools to change the page. Carbonmade is bright and cheerful and is a great contrast to some of the simplest portfolio websites out there.

It was created for designers and benefits from being more tailor-made rather than being more on the general side. He has presented examples of artists and beautiful themes that are based on visual elements. Even if you're not sure about it, you can always try it with the free trial. This is a great option for those who want to stand out.

Moonfruit's template designs are stylish, customizable and cool. The blank canvas editor allows you some creative freedom, but it also suffers from occasional misalignment. This is something that Wix doesn't really suffer. The style of Moonfruit's designs more than makes up for it.

Moonfruit is completely free, but you can always upgrade to a paid plan for more bandwidth, storage and more pages. Moonfruit is an excellent option for those who want to have a little more style and have more creative freedom. With that said, make sure you are aware of any faults. Dribbble is primarily a design community where creative people can get together and exchange notes.

It's an excellent place to learn how to shape, explore and show your own work. The format is in shots, which are small snapshots of larger designs. For this reason, you may want to create a separate portfolio website together with Dribbble. Dribbble is a great place to create a parallel portfolio, discover the work of others, and hopefully learn a little about the form.

Stolen goods are a simple, colorful and elegant website, which is a kind of studio website. Upon entering the website, he greets us with a greeting and takes us through the website with a simple call to action button: “Take a look around you. It's a small one-page website. The footer contains all social media pages and blog sections, to help users easily connect with the website owner to work.

The art of the menu website is an art in itself. It is precisely designed in the form of menus, which makes the user wonder and stay on its cover for hours. It has excellent typography, which exactly complements the overall design of the website. It only has nine blocks of images that define all its work and purpose.

It has a total of 104 pages, and the user can go to any page with just one scroll. You have a clear disclaimer about your services in the footer section. DesignCrowd has more than 500,000 designers in its group. They have a crowdsourcing model in which you will provide your brief and establish a budget for your project.

On average, you'll get around 100 answers. Behance is a social media website for creatives that helps you create projects and showcase your portfolio. On Behance, you can find different creative categories, including Graphic Design and Branding. You can also follow my account on Behance Instagram is the most popular social network and you can find here many different niches, including the graphic design niche, you can follow graphic design accounts for daily inspiration, in this post I show you some really good accounts to follow, and you can also follow different hashtags related to design.

You can also follow my account on Instagram You can also follow my account on Pinterest Dribble is also a community of creatives that allows graphic designers to share their work and get hired, here you will find really interesting graphic design projects. This website is perfect for finding web design and user interface inspiration, at awwwards you will find really interesting projects and they value creativity in web design a lot, if you are looking for website design, you need to visit awwwards. Logoinspirations, as the name suggests, is to be inspired by logo design, they have different categories of logo design and you will find many different projects, they also have an Instagram account where they post daily logo design inspiration. Fortunately, I have done some research and have been able to make a list of 15 websites for free design resources and much more.

Fresh designs are updated daily on this website. There isn't much downloadable content on this site, but it's full of design inspiration. Many renowned graphic designers and brand ID developers can be found on Dribbble sharing their top-notch work. Definitely check out this one for unlimited inspiration.

Graphicburger is also one of the leading online design providers. It allows you to search through the long list of designs and choose according to your taste. The designs available on this site are free for both commercial and personal use. You can find a lot of beautiful PSD mockups to showcase your work in a unique way.

Don't forget to check them out. Iconfinder is one of the best resource websites for getting cool and free icons for your designs. You can search for anything and it will appear with many suitable icons depending on your keyword. The simple structure of the website makes it easy to use and easy to manage.

Do you need free icons for your project? Check them out. An important website is well known among artists and designers. You can get a lot of inspiration from many artists and designers who submit their work on DeviantArt. It may or may not offer downloadable files, but it's a great source of inspiration.

The largest database of free vector icons with more than 70 thousand icons on this website. Icons are an integral part of web design with many other uses. Like Freepik, this website also offers hundreds of FREE PSD and vector graphic design resources. The website is updated daily with vectors, icons and other design elements.

Be sure to check it out. She has worked as a full-time designer for a web design company and has since gone on to work as a full-time freelancer. He's also a front-end developer, making sure he understands the complexities of website design right down to the coding capabilities. He has a degree in architecture and has worked on projects ranging from architectural and furniture design to photography and graphic and interactive design.

It's a tremendous one-page website that displays all the layouts on a single page, eliminating the hassle of scrolling to different web pages. The Logo Lounge publication series is a set of books that features different logo designs and creations from various graphic websites. This is a tremendous free graphic design site that gives out tips on various fields and design topics. Stefanie Brückler, based in New York, is an Austrian graphic designer and illustrator specializing in branding and editorial design.

Logo Lounge is a logo design resource that allows graphic designers around the world to contribute their logo creations. This tool is perfect for designers and artists who create drafts on a grid or lined papers before working on the design digitally. Maintaining a website is another essential task that any designer or freelancer should be aware of. It is a graphic magazine website that allows different graphic designers to portray their work and skills on a single platform.

Instagram is the most popular social network and you can find here many different niches, including the Graphic Design niche, you can follow graphic design accounts for daily inspiration, in this post I show you some really good accounts to follow, and you can also follow different hashtags related to design. She has worked in design and marketing since 2002, when she was a web designer for a digital marketing agency. . .