Is there a free contact form for wordpress?

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular free WordPress contact form plugins on the market. It's an incredibly simple add-on, but it lacks a visual form-building interface. To create forms, you'll need to learn the special syntax of the Contact Form 7 code. The free version, WPForms Lite, is 100% free forever and is one of the best free contact form plugins for WordPress.

It allows you to create different WordPress forms quickly and easily using a drag-and-drop interface. Forminator is a free contact form creation plugin that includes many advanced features and integrations. This can be great if you want to create more complex forms, but it can be overkill if you just want a simple contact form. Everest Forms is a popular free WordPress plugin for contact forms that you can easily and immediately make the most of.

Instead of doing the work from scratch, you can now enjoy all the incredible benefits that Everest Forms offers. And there are quite a few. First of all, WPForms is perhaps the best-known WordPress contact form plugin and the best choice for many users. The WeForms plugin also includes a large selection of field types; there are more than 33 to choose from when creating your WordPress forms.

Ninja Forms is a free WordPress plugin for contact forms that hardly takes time to create even the most complicated forms. Everest Forms is an excellent open source plugin that will help you quickly design beautiful contact forms on WordPress. It might not be the best free WordPress form builder, however, if you just want a simple contact form, it'll do. These plugins are highly recommended because of their ease of use, user interface and advanced features, and are integrated with self-hosted WordPress CRM plugins that complete the utility of creating forms with them.

Contact forms are far from being the most interesting element on your WordPress site, but if you want your users to be able to contact you, they're essential. All in all, it's a simple but powerful free form builder for WordPress with a cheerful interface, useful templates, and basically everything you need to create a contact form for your site, without spending a penny. Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress with more than 5 million active users and 220 million downloads. Thanks to WordPress contact form plugins, you can easily create dynamic and aesthetically pleasing forms without having to code them manually (using drag-and-drop interfaces).

Overall, if you're looking for a highly customizable form creation plugin for WordPress that combines simplicity with a wide range of useful features, WPForms is the best option available. Version 3+ of Ninja Forms requires WordPress 4.6 or higher. Ninja Forms has more than 900,000 installations at the time of writing and has an average rating of 4.4 stars. Formidable Forms is a free WordPress contact form plugin that helps you quickly create and customize a variety of form types.

A list of WordPress contact forms would be incomplete without the oldest and most downloaded contact form plugin. Ninja Forms is a flexible freemium plugin that can be useful whether you're a developer or a novice WordPress user.