What are the best email marketing plugins for wordpress?

Otter Blocks subscription form · 2. Sendinblue and WP SMTP subscription form · 3.Looking for the best email marketing plugins for WordPress? In this post, we'll introduce eight great options and help you decide which add-on is right for you. Otter Blocks itself is designed to work with WordPress's native Gutenberg editor, so that's a basic requirement. In other words, if you're using an external website builder (p.

ex. Specifically for the subscription form, you'll also need to have a plan with Sendinblue's email marketing service. To get things up and running, you can start with your free option and then upgrade as needed. Because Otter Blocks is a multi-purpose solution with a lot of features, it's a great choice for anyone who wants to create a highly functional WordPress site that stays lightweight.

This has a positive domino effect on the experience of your visitors and on the overall performance of your site. With Otter Blocks you'll get the email marketing subscription form you're looking for, but it won't leave you wanting more, as you'll inevitably have to add other features to your site. The Sendinblue and WP SMTP subscription form is the official WordPress plugin for the Sendinblue email marketing service. It allows you to execute all your email marketing efforts from within your WordPress dashboard.

To use this add-on, you'll also need to use the Sendinblue email marketing service. You can start using this service for free. Of course, if you're already using the Sendinblue service, this is the add-on you want. It's also one of the best WordPress email marketing plugins if you want a platform that offers more than just the basics, including advanced segmentation and automation functionality.

You don't need any other tool or service to use this add-on, although it does give you the option to connect to other SMTP plugins to help you deliver your emails. It connects your site to Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing services available. If you're a Mailchimp user, this add-on will help you grow your list more effectively. This is one of the most expensive options on our list of the best email marketing plugins for WordPress.

However, it also offers integration with one of the most feature-rich services available. It's worth considering if you want an email marketing solution that allows you to create complex and highly personalized campaigns. In addition, this is one of the best WordPress email marketing plugins if you're already using the Mailchimp service. HubSpot offers a free, reliable, and feature-packed email marketing tool that's suitable for growing businesses.

The tool is part of HubSpot's free WordPress plugin. With HubSpot Email Marketing, you can create professional marketing emails that attract and grow your audience with the simple drag-and-drop email builder. HubSpot Email automatically connects to HubSpot CRM, so you can customize relevant emails based on any details you have, such as form submission and website activity. Simply install the free HubSpot WordPress plugin and you'll have access to HubSpot Email, CRM, and other free marketing and sales tools.

If you can afford the initial cost and want a tool that fully integrates with your WordPress site, Mailster is one of the best WordPress email marketing plugins to choose from. It's highly customizable, compatible with a wide range of plugins and services, and easy to manage directly from your site. MailPoet is a free plugin that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress dashboard. You can create, schedule and send emails directly from your site, and also manage your lists.

If you have a WordPress site, you'll want to use it as a “foundation” for your email marketing campaigns. With the right add-on, you can easily manage the creation of subscription forms, the creation of emails, the management of lists, the tracking of analytics and much more, directly from your website. For B2B representatives and sales teams who want to turn completely strangers into paying customers. To make sure that you can use WordPress for all your content distribution and email marketing needs, we've made this list of the best WordPress email plugins.

Sure, the HubSpot plugin for WordPress includes forms and popups, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the ability to develop forms and popups with a simple drag-and-drop interface, HubSpot collects the submissions of any form you have on your WordPress site and automatically adds those leads to your CRM, so you can start converting them into loyal customers right away. Sendinblue offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to more than 50,000 growing businesses around the world, and its WordPress plugin brings the power of the platform directly to WordPress. With the Sendinblue plugin for WordPress, you can create forms to capture leads, manage subscriber lists, create and send email marketing campaigns, and measure your success over time using the included reports.

The add-on includes a drag-and-drop email editor, and you can customize the components of your email to increase engagement with subscribers. The free version allows you to send up to 300 emails a day. The Sendinblue plugin for WordPress also includes transactional email. With the wp_mail function, you can send transactional emails using Sendinblue's SMTP.

This feature is ideal for sending order confirmations or informing your customers about important changes to their accounts. Sumo has more than 60,000 active installations on WordPress, and for good reason. In addition to pop-ups, welcome emails and automated campaigns, they also have other features that will help you grow your business. In addition to all the features of the plugin, Sumo offers free customer support and even personalized onboarding for all customers (free and paid) to ensure that you get the most out of the add-on.

Subscribe2 allows you to send simple notifications to your blog subscribers every time you publish new content or a recurring summary of posts. Through the add-on, you can also exclude specific categories of publications so that they are not included in your emails, or even exclude publications individually. With more than 2 million downloads to date, WP Mail SMTP has helped improve the deliverability of many WordPress sites. It helps to authenticate your emails to email clients, avoiding the junk folder or a failed delivery.

The plugin works by reconfiguring the wp_mail () function to integrate it with a reputable SMTP provider. SendinBlue is an all-in-one email marketing add-on that includes several features to simplify the creation and management of email lists. Includes email statistics, automation, and a drag-and-drop email campaign builder. However, the feature set can be a bit complex for less advanced users.

So if you want the most powerful email plugin for WordPress that's compatible with some of the most reliable SMTP providers, WP Mail SMTP is the best option. Formidable Forms is primarily a form creation plugin for WordPress. Hustle is a powerful email marketing plugin with lots of features. Overall, Hustle offers you a ton of features to boost your email efforts.

If you don't have an email service, Sendinblue is a good option. Creative seems like a really simple way to describe Creative Mail. Using “intelligent content” sections, Creative Mail creates a variety of email campaigns quickly and attractively. You can include your blog posts and WooCommerce products to suggest content in your emails, and you can easily design your emails to capture the attention of your subscribers.

If you want something that thinks out of the box when it comes to emails, Creative Mail is the add-on for you. And Mailchimp for WordPress recognized that and quickly developed the perfect plugin for Mailchimp users. MailPoet offers a ton of features, all from your WordPress dashboard. Overall, MailPoet offers a lot of features in a small package.

You can quickly create subscription forms by integrating them with one of the best form builders (such as Formidable Forms). Then, customize your emails from the control panel and see how your subscribers arrive. In addition, you can track these subscribers using their analytics tools. The Hubspot plugin is like the Swiss Army knife of WordPress marketing.

Well, besides Formidable Forms, of course?). AutomateWoo is a prominent WooCommerce email plugin that allows e-commerce companies on WordPress to convert and retain customers with automated marketing tools. They have a good variety of pre-designed templates to make it easy to get started with email marketing. The plugin helps you to integrate your SendinBlue account with the WordPress website and to carry out email marketing.

Not only do the right WordPress email plugins help you improve deliverability, but they also allow you to grow your email list, send important notifications, and facilitate your email marketing campaigns. MailChimp for WordPress is a plugin widely used by sellers who intend to use active marketing services to establish contact with their visitors and convert them into paying customers. Most SMTP plugins for WordPress only reconfigure the wp_mail () function to fix email delivery problems. And when it comes to WordPress, it's now easier than ever to connect it to your site with the addition of a WordPress plugin, SendinBlue.

With it, you can import contacts and content from your WordPress site directly to the plugin, making it easy to create a blog notification email. This plugin aims to solve email delivery problems by configuring WordPress to follow SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), the standard for sending emails, instead of PHPMailer, the default for WordPress. You can create professional-looking emails from your WordPress dashboard, which will help you increase your readership. It integrates with more than 400 apps, plugins and social media platforms, including popular WordPress forms, WooCommerce, LMS, Facebook, Twilio and many more.

It also offers a WordPress email marketing plugin that makes it easy for you to create your email list and use your email service. The creator of this powerful plugin integrates perfectly with WordPress and with the world of the editor with the drag-and-drop technique. Don't forget to check these points before choosing an email marketing plugin for your WordPress website. Having a WordPress email marketing plugin on your site will surely help you if you want to increase and update your subscribers.

With an email plugin, you can generate leads, segment your contacts and convert them into customers, all within WordPress. Well, now you know the 5 best email marketing plugins that you can integrate with your WordPress website at no cost. .