What are the most important elements to consider when creating an online community on a company website?

Sharing your content on your social media platforms will increase its visibility and will also increase the chances that it will also be shared from your social circles. Always link to your articles in any status update that refers to the content of your website. Successful online communities encourage, honor and showcase their superusers. When you empower the most passionate members of your community, they'll become brand advocates, who often contribute most of the content and, at the same time, actively help other customers.

Create an online community content plan that spans at least 3 months. Many of the daily activities can be repetitive, but planning so far gives you some leeway if the community management team deals with other projects. Your content plan is a living document and can be modified. Your domain name, also known as your website address, is often the entry point to your site.

It's important that you make a good impression for usability purposes, as well as for search engine optimization (SEO). When it comes to using colors in your website design, it's essential to consider your company's niche, target audience, brand, and elements of color theory. If you're looking to create a new website for startups or to make your current site more effective, here are 10 key steps to get started and help your small business website compete effectively in the online marketplace. Since it requires little coding knowledge (if any), WordPress is a great resource for companies struggling to attract traffic to their websites.

One of the most important things to remember during the website development process is to create a clean and attractive design. Considering these 24 aspects of website development and design, it's clear that there are a lot of factors to consider when creating a branded website.