What is the best plugin to speed up wordpress site?

Check out their best practices here on how to speed up your mobile site on WordPress. WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin that offers a wide range of features. In addition to offering cache preloading and GZIP compression, WP Rocket allows users to minimize and combine CSS and JS files, load images on a deferred basis, eliminate JavaScript resources that block rendering, and schedule the automatic cleaning of databases. What differentiates WP Rocket from other speed optimization plugins is that it starts working right out of the box once installed and activated on your site.

For most WordPress websites, I recommend using a combination of WP Rocket and Perfmatters. WP Rocket takes care of the usual caching and optimization tasks, while Perfmatters takes care of the optimizations that no one usually thinks of doing. It allows for interface updates in near real time. Controlling it saves you CPU usage and keeps your AJAX at a reasonable amount.

Autoptimize allows you to speed up a WordPress site by compressing your site's JS, CSS and HTML files. This extension is especially useful if you don't know how to enable gzip compression or deflate on your server. WP Performance Score Booster is a good alternative to Autoptimize, but this plugin requires the activation of gzip compression on your server. Keep in mind that these two extensions are useless if you're already using WP Rocket.

Just because they can be helpful doesn't mean that they should be abused, since installing too many plugins on WordPress, instead of improving the performance of the website, will do the opposite. While you can set up caching manually on your WordPress site, you'll need to add code to your cache. The premium version goes further and has been a tried and true plugin for optimizing WordPress for years. First of all, Perfmatters can help you disable a lot of small settings in WordPress that most sites don't need.

Thanks to caching, WordPress can do without many of these steps by making a copy of the page after the first visit and then using it for each subsequent visit. In addition, this compact plugin for WPO and defragments MySQL database tables to ensure maximum efficiency of the WordPress database, it is recommended to use this plugin at least a couple of times a month. With more than two million active installations, it's the most downloaded cache plugin in the WordPress directory. WP-Optimize is another popular all-in-one WordPress plugin that helps website owners optimize and improve website performance.

NitroPack is a comprehensive speed optimization solution that simplifies the process of optimizing your WordPress website. The main mission of Heartbeat is to send information in short periods of time through the WordPress system as if it were the heart of the CMS. If website speed is something you've had problems with, there are several free WordPress plugins you can use to speed things up. Pingdom is a great tool for testing your current load time and getting a reference.

In addition to this, you'll find several WordPress plugins on third-party websites that are sold as premium plugins. At first it was going to continue that way, but I think it's important to share some non-WordPress tools that you can use to measure the speed of your site. If you're struggling to speed up the performance of your website, installing WordPress performance plugins can dramatically improve your page load times.