What are the best multilingual plugins for wordpress?

Now that we have a better understanding of what a translation plugin can do, let's look at our best options for the best WordPress translation plugins. With more than 100 translation languages available, Weglot Translate is a lightweight add-on that offers automatic translations and access to professional translators if needed. You can manage translated content from a single panel and includes the possibility to make modifications. The best part? You can even manage your WooCommerce product pages and your payment workflow.

Compatible with almost any website technology and with more than 50,000 companies using the plugin, there are a lot of things I like about Weglot. The free trial version offers 1 language and 2000 words, so you can see for yourself how the add-on's word plans range from 10,000 to 1,000,000 words per year and up to 10 languages translated. With WPML's Translate Some mode, you can translate your posts, pages, taxonomies, menus, and more to take full advantage of the Advanced Translation Editor. This editor comes packed with features such as a spell checker, a glossary, a translation memory and an automatic translation.

If you're short on time, you can opt for the Translate All mode, which will automatically translate the content on your site as you add or edit it. WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, provides full user support and has an extensive knowledge base. Polylang is a free self-translation language plugin for WordPress in which you choose the option you prefer from your profile and automatically downloads the corresponding language pack. Add a widget to the navigation menu to change languages and it has the ability to separate the versions of your site into subdomains for each language.

This open source plugin supports as many languages as your site requires, and it also supports custom taxonomies, fixed publications, and RSS feeds. It can also be combined with the next add-on on our list, Lingotek Translation, to enable automatic language translation. Lokalise is an all-in-one set of tools for managing your translation process. Assign tasks and chat with your team.

Get automatic translations to keep costs under control and access language providers if needed. With a shared space, you can work as a team with all the visibility and context you need to manage the translation process. With more than 50 integrations, Lokalise fits seamlessly into your existing workflows, allowing for maximum automation. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for those who want to start with simple language implementations but grow to more complex language implementations.

By taking advantage of a cloud-based translation and localization process, Lingotek can translate your content quickly and accurately with the help of more than 5000 local translators, and the plugin works together with Polylang to help make your site truly multilingual. While it's not an official Google add-on, Google Language Translator allows you to use translations directly from Google Translate on your site. You can take advantage of the more than 80 languages that Google Translate supports, and the add-on offers visitors a way to change language views. According to its WordPress download page, this plugin now works on more than 500,000 multilingual sites around the world and offers automatic integration with Google Analytics, the option to hide the main Google frameworks and the popup window “suggests a better translation”, and it also includes support for multilingual SEO to help improve the positioning of your site worldwide.

Another multilingual solution that uses the power of Google Translate is Prisna's Google Website Translator, which can be used as a widget or shortcode. In addition, it's a fast and lightweight option, since it doesn't depend on external Javascript and CSS like other translation plugins do. This add-on allows you to translate your website into more than 100 languages and has a simple configuration process that makes it easy to set up. By storing all the settings in a single database record, Google Website Translator has virtually no impact on page loading, making it ideal for complex or content-intensive sites.

The plugin acts as an integrated translation editor for the WordPress administrator and also offers integration with translation APIs such as DeepL, Microsoft and Google. GTranslate also uses Google Translate features, but hides some of the unwanted screens that come with the API. It will automatically change to the correct language depending on the visitor's browser settings, and you can customize it according to your preferences, even with alternative flag icons. Polylang is the most popular free translation plugin for WordPress with more than 700,000 active users.

The free version contains all the features to create a multilingual WordPress website. The only reason to upgrade to the PRO version is when you need to translate a WooCommerce site or need more flexibility with Gutenberg Block Editor or other third-party plugin support. After reviewing many multilingual plugins on the market, we can confidently say that WPML is the best multilingual WordPress plugin. It's very easy to use and works well with the best WordPress SEO plugins like AIOSEO.

The Translate plugin from Translate AI Multilingual Solutions is a free WordPress plugin. Use the Google Translate API to translate your WordPress site automatically. It supports more than 100 languages, making it more flexible than many other translation plugins. It also provides unlimited words and page views, which is an excellent feature for sites that need to translate a large amount of content.

Like the GTranslate add-on, it allows you to automatically translate your content with Google Translate into more than 100 languages. The second method uses a commercial Microsoft Translator API to automatically translate content. Lingotek's machine translation will translate up to 100,000 characters at no additional cost. Weglot is a popular paid plugin that supports more than 100 languages.

Polylang is another popular solution for those who want to make their WordPress sites multilingual. Working with this plugin is a little different than working with TranslatePress. Unfortunately, there is no free version or free trial of WPML to help you test the product. However, you can get a full refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied with the add-on.

GTranslate is an easy-to-use WordPress translation plugin that allows you to automatically translate your website into 103 languages with Google Translate (Microsoft Bing is also referred to on the official website, but not found in the plugin itself). Supports the translation of posts, pages, categories, tags, menus, widgets, themes and plugins. MultilingualPress is, without a doubt, one of the best manual translation solutions available online, but as things stand, they're not doing enough to help prospective buyers learn more about their add-on. The main website has no screenshots of the plugin and neither is there a free version of MultilingualPress or a trial version available to help you test the plugin.

However, the company has a 30-day refund policy if you decide to take a leap of faith. Polylang is a popular WordPress translation plugin that allows you to translate posts, pages, media, categories, tags, custom post types, custom post types, custom taxonomies, menus and widgets. A total of 249 languages are available for your selection. The free version of Loco Translate limits you to 2000 translations and 10 languages in two of your projects.

The translation limits increase significantly in the premium version of Loco Translate and you get access to an unlimited number of languages and projects. TranslatePress is the best multilingual plugin for WordPress sites. You can control every aspect of your site's translation with ease. The Weglot plugin for WordPress acts as a bridge to the hosted service, so its configuration area only has a few options related to the language selector and excludes URLs from translation.

As powerful as WordPress is, by default, it doesn't come with a translation option for creating multilingual sites. You can also translate metadata with its SEO package, add language switches with a simple shortcode and translate the dynamic gettext added by WordPress and your other plugins and themes. With this multilingual WordPress plugin, you can translate all your products in a simple, variable, grouped or external way. With these WordPress translation plugins, it's not difficult to translate your website and make it multilingual.

At the time of writing this article, it is the only translation plugin that has been approved for the WordPress premium VIP service. A WordPress translation plugin translates the content of your site into multiple languages, allowing visitors to navigate the website in their preferred language. If you want to manage a multilingual BuddyPress website, a WordPress plugin works for free. WPML also has many other advantages, one of the main ones being compatibility with most of the WordPress themes and plugins on the market.

Multilingual Press is another WordPress translation plugin that allows you to run each language on a separate site. .